Long gone are the days of people frowning at flat roofs. They used to be thought of as temporary fixes, or cheap bodges for those without the resources for a pent or apex roof. Times, however, have definitely changed.

Now, thanks to modern construction methods, flat roofs are getting a new lease on life as architects and designers are incorporating them into their builds all over the globe. When they are properly installed and maintained they easily rival their pent cousins. However, as the membranes and construction techniques are a recent development plenty of people are still in the dark about exactly what makes a good flat roof.

The membrane is one of the areas that has had the most technological advances recently. New materials have been developed that increase the level of water proofing the roof gives. They are also longer lasting than previous materials. In the past felt roofs would last around 20 years, these new materials can last over 50 years now.

The end use of the roof must always be considered. Will it be weight bearing? If so, how much weight? Perhaps you will install a garden, or solar panels. If built sturdy enough it could even take the weight of a few people. What better spot could there be for a BBQ than an edge protected flat roof?

Ventilation is key. The free flowing of air flowing through the joists will help prevent dampand rot from setting in. When building a flat roof with insulation this must be taken into account.

It will need adequate falls. Standing water is the bane of the flat roof. If puddles collect they can prematurely breakdown/corrode the roof and cause a lot of damage. Flat roofs aren’t actually fully flat, if built right they will have a slight tilt, or fall, on to encourage water to drain away.

If your flat roof builder adheres to these four principles then you won’t be far off having a well-made, sturdy dry flat roof that will last you most of your lifetime. To find out DPR’s services in flat roofs just contact us on 0113 335 0043.