We recently spoke about some work we carried out in the historic train station at Skipton. This is part of an ongoing contract we have with a rail company that manages these properties.

As part of this contract we have also recently been required to carry out more lead work at another station, this time in Hyde Train Station, near Manchester.

As was the case in Skipton, the damage was caused by theft. This kind of attack is common, as there are still places where thieves can sell lead as scrap metal. Earning themselves some easy money. Unless security is improved this may well prove to be a repeat occurrence, as these historic buildings need to be kept as close to their original state as possible. This in involves DPR carrying out extensive lead welding and dressing.

Typically we would advise that our clients opt for more modern materials as they can provide a better water tight seal, and are less susceptible to theft. However, as these are older, more historic structures they have to stick to their heritage.

As before, DPR were more than happy to carry out this work. We find a satisfaction in keeping these older buildings going and any chance to practice and improve our lead welding and dressing is always welcome.

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