We can’t seem to stop the flow of new clients at the moment. It seems each week our phone is ringing or emailing in and someone new is in need of our roofing services. Last week was no different.

We initially took a phone call from the Cedar Court Hotel, before going to pay them a visit in person.
The cedar court hotel in Wakefield is not so much a hotel anymore, it is more of an establishment. It has 149 bedrooms, 6 meeting rooms and a health club. They have also just had a £500,000 refurbishment to help make the hotel a contemporary attraction.

This is why they contacted DPR, they wanted to make sure their roof will hold up to the test of time like the interior will.

The roof obviously protects the interior from the buffets of nature but as it does so it takes an incredible beating itself. This is why regular maintenance is vital to make sure that the roof stays sturdy and watertight. This is where DPR comes in.

With us keeping the roof in tip top shape the management at Cedar Court do not have to worry about it ever leaking and causing damage to the interior of the hotel.

We are proud to have to such establishment on our books, and are excited to start working with them.

To find out more about the roofing services we provide simply call us on 0113 335 0043.