What is the Best Material for a Flat Roof?

Flat roofs are a common feature on residential and commercial properties up and down the UK. They cover everything from garages and extensions to entire buildings. But despite sharing the low slope that gives them their name, flat roofs aren’t all equal.

In this post, we’ll take a look at three different materials available for flat roofs, their pros and cons, and which comes out on top.

Flat roofing felt

Flat roofing felt is without a doubt the cheapest flat roofing material available. It can be bought from as little as £2 per square metre, which also makes repairs and replacement pretty cost-effective. In most cases, a felted flat roof will last between 15-20 years.

Felt is available in two main types – self-adhesive and torch-on. As the name suggests, self-adhesive felt is applied by pressing the felt down onto a roof. On the other hand, torch-on felt requires heat to be applied with a blowtorch to melt the bituminous layer, which provides a stronger bond with the roof.


Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) is the most popular type of liquid roofing for flat roofs. Also known as fibreglass roofing, it has a similar lifespan to EPDM roofing – usually upwards of 30 years.

The installation process is undoubtedly the most complex, with several elements like resins, topcoats and the actual fibreglass applied in layers. Each layer needs to be applied at the right temperature, brushed or rolled out evenly, and allowed to cure for the correct amount of time.

Which is best?

The best flat roofing material depends on the roof in question and the preferences of the owner. Flat roofing felt is the cheapest, which makes it ideal for larger roofs where owners want to keep the costs down and provide waterproofing for over a decade.

On the other hand, GRP provides much better longevity and durability at a higher cost. While GRP can be more durable and visually appealing, the installation process makes it fully reliant on good weather.

Replacing your flat roof

If your flat roof is looking worse for wear, or you’ve already noticed water getting through, DPR Roofing can provide a high-quality, long-lasting replacement that’s tailored to your needs.

Based in Leeds, we offer everything from felt to advanced GRP coverings with leak free guarantees of up to 20 years. Whatever your requirements and budget, we’ll provide the same care, attention and expertise to protect your property from the elements.

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