How to Prepare Your Roof for a Storm

2022 seems to be the year of stormy weather, as the UK was battered by three major storms in quick succession throughout February.

Storm Dudley, Eunice and Franklin did major wind damage to commercial buildings and private properties, and demand for roofers shot up to a whopping 693% within a week. With that demand outstripping supply, many people across the country were left out in the cold with no one available to fix their roofs and some are still waiting.

If you want to avoid that in future, read on for our simple tips on preparing your roof.

Visual inspection

Conducting a visual inspection is the first step towards a healthier roof. Every homeowner should do a routine inspection to catch any leaks before they do serious damage to the rest of the home.

Check for debris

Start at ground level (with a pair of binoculars if needed) to check your roof for any moss, algae or debris. A cluttered roof attracts moisture which can cause some of the structural elements of your roof to weaken, leaving them more vulnerable to storm damage.

Check the materials

Look for cracked, slipping or missing slates or tiles. Damaged slates let the weather in and will need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Old tiles do not put up much of a fight against strong storms, they crack as they age due to wear and tear, and they become far more fragile. So, replacing old tiles ahead of time is key to keeping your roof intact during a storm.

Check the loft

To do a close inspection safely, head to the loft. Look for damp from inside the roof space, any light coming through, and anything else that may compromise the integrity of your roof.

As soon as you see anything that may need a closer inspection, call a trusted local roofer. Always conduct your own inspections at ground level and leave climbing onto your roof to the professionals.

Prepare with repairs

Get repairs scheduled as soon as possible. Roofers will struggle to fit you in once a storm has started, not least because it’s dangerous to scale a roof during stormy conditions.

Keeping on top of your roof repairs means that you won’t have to worry once the storm hits. To make sure you have spotted all the potential problems, it is recommended to arrange a professional inspection.

A professional roofer has a trained eye and can spot issues that others may overlook, as well as giving you expert tips on storm-proofing your roof. Employing a pair of expert eyes means that you can spot and fix small issues before they become bigger problems, saving you a lot of hassle and cash down the line.

On hand to help in Leeds

Prevention is always better than the cure. Taking a little time to prepare your roof to weather a storm can save both your roof and your wallet.

Here at DPR Roofing we have protected, inspected, and installed roofs for over 30 years, keeping Leeds properties warm, dry and safe from stormy weather for decades.

Take the proactive approach to storm-proofing your roof by contacting our team today.