How to Spread the Cost of Your Roof in 2022

2021 has been difficult for everyone – for various reasons. If your roof has been one of them, you’re probably sick and tired of it adding to your worries. After all, lockdown will have been even worse if you’ve got water coming into your home.

With that in mind, having a new roof installed tops plenty of property owners’ to-do lists for the new year. The only remaining question is how you pay for it, as this post will explore…

Paying for your roof in 2022

In an ideal world, we’d all have the money for a new roof set aside. But as we’ve learnt over the past two years, we certainly don’t have an ideal world! Most households don’t have several thousand pounds waiting for a rainy day – excuse the pun. That’s especially true after Christmas.

So, what can you do? The first port of call is usually family and friends. This rarely turns out well, with a financial element souring most relationships. Think you can go out for a few drinks while you still owe them money? Think again.

Next on the list is a loan from the bank. The main issues here are a time-consuming process and strict criteria, which leave many borrowers turning to less reputable lenders. We don’t have to waste time telling you why you should steer clear of them!

Introducing roof finance

Finance has become an incredibly popular option in the car world, where it allows drivers to spread the cost of their new wheels across one, two or even more years. That same option is available for your roof.

With roof financing, you can pay for your roof works with affordable monthly payments rather than one lump sum. There are no strict criteria, with applications considered on a case-by-case basis. You’ll get a decision within 24 hours and there’s no need for a big deposit, so you can get the roof replacement you need without waiting around.

By giving you the finance you need for your roof, when you need it, roof financing could even save you money in the long run. A new roof will protect your property and put an end to water ingress and the resulting damage. There’s also no need to cut corners with dodgy contractors, so you won’t be left paying out for more work a few months down the line.

Roof finance in Leeds

Want to spread the cost of a new roof in 2022? DPR Roofing has partnered with Ideal4Finance to become one of the only local roofing companies to offer finance. Cover or subsidise the cost of your roof with financing from £500 up to thousands of pounds, then enjoy protection and peace of mind with a long-lasting roof replacement.

It all starts with a quote, which can then be broken down into manageable monthly payments. To get the ball rolling, call us on 0113 335 0043 or email [email protected].