4 Roofing Jobs Where a Cherry Picker is Needed

Whether it’s commercial or domestic, roofing jobs require specialist equipment and professionally trained experts to get the best results. In some cases, a roof installation may present challenges, and the standard access points can’t be reached. That’s where a cherry picker is a great addition to the project.

Cherry pickers are becoming a common resource in a roofer’s arsenal, that’s why we’ve invested in cutting-edge high-level access equipment. But what types of roofing job is a cherry picker needed for? Here are some examples of why this aspect may be included in your job quote.

1. Awkward access

Many roofing projects, whether repairs or replacements, typically use scaffolding to undertake the task. However, in some cases, roof areas are hard to reach or have awkward angles that are not reachable with standard access.

In this case, a cherry picker is an ideal solution. The boom can be adjusted to the right height to reach awkward spots. Plus, if there are aspects such as outbuildings, garages, trees or other obstacles in the way, it will lift above these to allow easy accessibility.

2. Tall buildings

High rooflines make it harder for standard scaffolds to reach. For example, most scaffolding typically goes to two or three stories easily. But anything higher takes longer to install, and it’s more costly.

In comparison, cherry pickers enable roofers to go higher but without the need to install anything beforehand. Most equipment will reach around 90 feet tall, for instance, which equates to around nine stories.

Safety is another factor with high buildings, as tall scaffolding can make climbing up and down ladders more challenging and potentially less safe. Cherry pickers are designed to create safe access to elevated areas, and there’s no climbing involved.

3. Emergency repair work

Emergencies happen, and sometimes it’s vital to get roofing repairs or work carried out straight away. In these cases, waiting for scaffolding to be installed is not always possible.

Instead, a cherry picker is a great solution. They provide a quick way to access areas that need work completed quickly and offer a safe and efficient way to carry it out.

If the issue is affecting the inside of the building – for example, you have a leak – getting this sorted as soon as possible will also prevent parts of your business from potentially being shut down until it’s rectified.

4. Bad weather

Bad weather is another reason a cherry picker is an excellent solution to roofing issues. Roofs are commonly affected by storms, high winds and torrential rain and snow. So, fixing any problems becomes an urgent need during these times.

In this case, scaffolding generally takes too long to install. Plus, the added risk factor of high winds and wet weather will make surfaces slippery.

In comparison, a cherry picker provides a safe alternative to roofs, and this makes getting an emergency fix done quicker and professionally.

The benefits of a cherry picker for roofing

If you’re having repairs or a new installation completed, your roofing specialist will advise on whether you need a cherry picker or not. There are several benefits to using this equipment on general projects and not just those mentioned above, these include:

Ideal for surveys and assessments

One of the best ways to assess or inspect a roof is by being elevated to the roof level. There’s only so much you can see from ground level, and to give an accurate quote for the work, it’s best to have a comprehensive inspection. Plus, cherry-pickers can reach those awkward spots that other surveys might miss.

Versatile equipment

A cherry picker is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for a wide range of uses during a roofing project. They are ideal for commercial projects where roof elevations tend to be higher. In addition, they provide a good view of hard-to-reach areas and give access to the whole surface easily.


Scaffolding is a popular choice for many roofing projects. However, the overall cost of hiring the equipment can start to mount, especially if you have a large property to cover. Alternatively, cherry pickers offer a cost-effective solution, and if you choose a roofing company that has one in-house, you’re not paying higher rental costs in addition to the job.


If you’re looking to get a job completed, waiting for scaffolding availability can delay work. However, with a cherry picker, this option may speed things up, especially if your contractor has one available immediately.

This faster availability is also helpful in emergency repair situations when there is limited time to wait.

It makes roofing work more efficient

Installing a new roof and repair work can take time to complete, especially if the equipment has to be moved frequently due to inaccessible roof areas. However, a cherry picker reduces this time as it is mobile and easily manoeuvrable to access all spaces more quickly and efficiently.

Roofers with cherry pickers in Leeds

If you feel your roofing project requires a cherry picker, it’s helpful to search for a roofing specialist that has one in-house. This ensures you can book experienced contractors with the tools and equipment readily available without waiting for hired options.

This option also ensures you receive a cost-effective solution, as hiring a cherry picker can add extra costs to your roofing repairs or installation.

At DPR Roofing in Leeds, we have invested in a state-of-the-art two-person powered access boom, so you don’t have to worry about organising additional equipment. This resource is ideal for any of the jobs listed above and standard roofing repairs and installations when needed.

In addition, our team has over 30 years of experience and is fully trained in safely using cherry pickers for your roofing project. For more information on our roofing services in Leeds, call us on 0113 335 0043.