The construction industry is largely aware of and positive towards BIM but not BIM ready, according to the sixth annual NBS National BIM Survey. The survey shows that 96% of respondents within the construction industry are aware of BIM (Building Information Modelling), the building modelling tool that is set to usher the construction industry into a new, digital era. This is in stark contrast to 43% of respondents who were aware of BIM in the first NBS National BIM survey in 2011.

The news comes in time for the UK Government&#146s mandate requiring the implementation of BIM at Level 2 on all centrally-procured public sector projects. The UK&#146s construction industry adoption of BIM currently sits at 54%, – last year it was 48% – however 86% of respondents to the NBS survey who were aware of BIM expect to be using it in the next year. Extend the timescale to five years and that number rises to 97%. Furthermore, almost 75% of respondents agreed that BIM is the future of project information in construction.

In less positive news for the adoption of BIM, 41% of respondents to the survey felt that they weren&#146t fully aware of the requirements of complying with the BIM mandate. 28% described themselves as "not very" or not at all confident when it comes to BIM and a mere 10% felt that the construction industry is ready to deliver the on the Government&#146s 2016 mandate.

"Overall, the findings suggest that the Government’s strategy seems to be working and that its BIM mandate for publicly-funded work will go on to influence work in the private sector," said Adrian Malleson, Head of Research, Analysis & Forecasting at NBS, commenting on this year&#146s survey. "The extent to which it does and the pace at which this happens will be predicated on companies and individuals acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to open up new ways of working."

In dealing with the doubts that some have about BIM, the survey suggests that more needs to be done in the way of generating greater collaboration and ensuring BIM isn&#146t restricted to just the design stage. The full NBS National BIM report 2016 will be published is due to be published this month and will be available for free at