Like many homeowners and landlords around the Leeds and Yorkshire area, here at DPR we understand how important it is to ensure that the roofs on our homes are in the best condition possible.

However, like many, often homeowners don’t realise the severity of what an issue with your roof can cause, but the consequences are real and very severe. Not only can escalated issues cost a lot of money when consulting professional roofers to sort the issue, but your general health and wellbeing can also be at risk, along with all of your valuables.

Nature is the biggest pest when it comes to roof issues. Every roof in the Yorkshire and Leeds area is subject to a battering due to the temperamental weather we are subject to as a nation. Due to this fact alone, it is important to stop said weather protruding further and causing more damage. Any water damage caused to your roof and the foundations of your home can actually contribute to the timber in your loft being eroded, potentially causing a collapse of your roof.

Not only can the structure of your home be damaged by the weather, but other improtant things too. The electrical appliances in your property are also extremely prone to damage which could cause harm to those nearby if a problem isn’t addressed. The electrical infrastructure of your home can also be damaged, such as the wires running along your floorboards. These repairs can be costly if you ignore a problem with your roof.

Allowing an issue with your roof to escalate can also allow intruders into your property. It’s been reported on several occasions that birds and bats have found their way into the various roofs around the Leeds area. They may sound harmless, but by ignoring the possibility of damage to your roof these usually friendly animals can nibble away at your wires and timber whilst also leaving a foul smell around your property. It is also very difficult to get rid of bats once they have made a home as they are a protected species.

If you require any more information on the importance of issues with your roof or any of the other roofing services that DPR provide then please don’t hesitate to contact us today.