Over the last few days West Yorkshire has been experiencing some strong winds. On Sunday however, the winds in Pontefract near Wakefield, were strong enough to rip the entire roof from a row of six flats.

The 60m long and 20m wide section of flat roof flew through the air and landed near a shopping precinct seconds later.

The Wakefield and District Housing flats are above a row of shops, which lead on to a busy shopping precinct at Pinewood Place on the Warwick Estate.

Incredibly, no-one was injured in the incident which happened just before 12pm on Sunday afternoon.

Firefighters from Pontefract and the technical rescue unit from Cleckheaton were alerted to the incident.

Fire crews spent around two-and-a-half hours dealing with the incident – using cutting gear to clear debris.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Fire Service, said: “The wind lifted the roof off and it landed in the middle of the precinct. It demolished two lamp posts on the way down.

“We used hydraulic lifting gear and airbags to lift it as best we could to check what was underneath.

“We used special saws to cut the roof in to sections before we moved it. Normally there are kids playing football in the precinct where it happened.

Joanne Smith, Wakefield and District Housing area manager, said: “We are investigating why this incident has occurred and have carried out emergency repairs.”

She added: “Tenants have been able to remain in their homes at this stage, and we are keeping them fully informed of any progress.”

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