On Saturday the 16th February, Leeds roofers ‘DPR’ Roofing installed a partial new garage profile roof at a property in Pudsey. The company was invited by the BBC to see if they could assist in the plight of a just burgled family as it was going to be filmed as part of their new daytime show ’Crime Scene Rescue’ which is scheduled to be aired in April. This is not the only time the BBC have used Leeds roofers ‘DPR’ to assist in the making of television programmes as, only recently, DPR were called upon to provide rectification works for a job carried out by builders for the hit BBC television show, ‘Rogue Traders’.

Hosted by Rav Wilding, the new BBC show will provide families, who have been the victims of burglaries, with a fully repaired and upgraded house to hopefully help in compensating for the trauma of a burglary. The programme aims to highlight the costly and extensive building work that is sometimes required following a break-in or attempted burglary – which the offenders are oblivious to.

The house in Pudsey had been burgled with the intruders gaining entry by smashing through the rear patio doors. Once inside they stole a host of valuable items including jewellery and electrical products.

The family room was turned upside down by the intruders.

The burglars also broke into the garage outside by smashing a hole through the roof – though they left the garage empty handed as there was nothing of real value inside.

Experienced Leeds roofers ‘DPR’ were asked by the show if they could repair the roof on the garage and make it watertight. DPR provided their services free of charge to the BBC show.

There was asbestos content present to the roof sheets so extra care was needed by the company’s specially trained staff to remove and dispose of the damaged sheets in line with proper environmental regulations, before fitting brand new, non-asbestos, roof sheets.

The job was carried out by DPR Roofing managing director Darren Rickett and experienced roofing manager, Andrew Cooper.

Darren said: “We were happy to carry out this particular job free of charge as it was a major boost for the Pudsey residents who were the victims of the burglary, plus it also brings the company exposure to a national audience.”

When asked how the Leeds roofing contractors were selected for the job, Darren said: “The BBC simply found us on Google by searching ‘Leeds roof repairs’ and were impressed by our testimonials, accreditations, and our commitment to providing the best possible roofing services in Leeds following an onsite meeting between the show’s directors and myself to inspect and report on what was needed.”

Darren, Andrew and other trades contractors were present for the ‘reveal’ in which the homeowners arrived home to find their house had been given a small makeover. The Pudsey home was treated to new patio doors and windows to match, a new state of the art alarm system, security lighting, new security fencing, a full makeover to the family room and DPR roof repairs.