With the snow well and truly gone (hopefully), DPR Roofing have been back on Leeds roofs doing what they do best, installing and repairing roofs.

And because of the snow there’s been a substantial amount of repair work to do.

The Leeds roofers were at a House in Methley, Leeds repairing a few leaks that should have held up during the snow if it wasn’t for the poor workmanship and standard of repairs that were carried out initially – not by DPR Roofing we might add.

The required works were carried out in the valley and the main apex were two severe leaks had appeared.

As you can see from the picture, the motor ‘repair’ has been poorly finished – along with some other defects too.

First, the Leeds roofers got to work stripping out the left elevation front valley and set aside all the removed tiles.

They then removed all the old, defective mortar bedding and dispose of safely.

To rectify the problem the team then cut back the pediment ridge tiles to form a correct junction between the two meeting roof points, and fitted a new lead saddle in preference to the existing and inadequate mortar bedding.

All damaged roof tiles were removed and swapped with like-for-like tiles and repositioned along with all roof tiles that were in good condition and suitable to be used again.

Next the team focused on the ridge tiles to the main apex.

Here they removed all tiles and set aside for re-use. All old mortar bedding was then removed and disposed of before the ridge tiles were repositioned on the new mortar bedding and pointed flush.

Finally, all rubble and debris was cleared – leaving the house’s roof and surrounding driveway, garden, and patio area looking like new.

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