A homeowner in Agbrigg, Wakefield contacted DPR Roofing recently as she noticed a leak which appeared to be coming from the roof into the upstairs bedroom.

DPR roofers attended at the property and carried out a thorough inspection of the property. They discovered that the roof leak was being caused by a build-up of moss in the slate joints. In order to rectify the roofing problem engineers cleaned down all of the heavy moss in the slate joints and also from the guttering which was allowing water to back up and flow over the top during heavy rain.

DPR roofers recommend a regular inspection of the roof and guttering as moss growth on roofs can cause damage to the roof covering. It can block gutters and build up behind chimneys and gullies. It acts like a sponge by absorbing rain water and thereby increasing the weight and stress on the roof. When moss freezes it expands and can move the slates or tiles causing them to crack and leak.