Wakefield roofing contractor DPR Roofing already has an excellent reputation in the West Yorkshire city, but now their work for Wakefield’s local businesses is leading to opportunities in other realms of Yorkshire.

A Wakefield-based chartered surveyor managing over 8 million square feet of office and industrial property across the north of England contacted their trusted local roofing firm – DPR Roofing – to repair a number of leaks and carryout general maintenance on several of their industrial properties in York.

After staff at Whittle Jones were informed by their tenants about roof leaks at three of their industrial units in York, the chartered surveyors contacted DPR to send a team of roofers for a closer look.

On all three units, the main cause of the leaks was that 14 of the glass reinforced plastic (GRP) roof lights were not watertight where they were connected to the steel sheet roofing.

In addition to that, on just one of the units the roofers discovered a further three separate leaks being caused by a combination of fixing defects and a defective flue outlet junction.

With the go-ahead given to make the repairs whilst on-site at the Pocklington Industrial Estate in York, the Wakefield roofers set about repairing the joints to the GRP roof lights by first thoroughly cleaning all 14 of them before applying a primer, glass fibre resin compound and matting to create a new watertight seal between the two materials – creating 28 separate joins in total.

To make the repairs to the three other leaks found on one of the unit, DPR fitted new resin seals to all fixings in the locality of the leakage. And to repair the defective flue outlet junction, the Wakefield roofers fitted new glass fibre resin and matting around the perimeter of the flue outlet where water was finding its way into the building.

Whilst on site, a tenant of another unit requested a quotation for cleaning their GRP roof lights which were heavily engrained with general grime and a build up of moss. A closer inspection found that although the moss could be removed fairly easily, due to the length of time they had been in that condition the dirt and grime had been ground in and simply removing the moss would not improve the appearance of the unit significantly.

However, DPR did recommend to the occupiers that they fit all-new steel sheet roofing and roof lights.

After completion of the project DPR managing director Darren Rickett said: “We have worked on a number of roofs at Whittle Jones-managed office and industrial properties in and around their Yorkshire Office in Ossett, Wakefield, and they have always been pleased with our work.

“We are delighted that, instead of contacting a roofing contractor in York, they chose us -based on their past experience of working with us – to carry out the work required on their buildings’ roofs in the region.”