Following some of the most extensive and heavy rain in Leeds and West Yorkshire in a century, Leeds roofers – DPR, are urging homeowners across the city to check their roofs for signs of damage and leaks before winter truly sets in. 
With no severe weather warnings currently in place, now is the best time to check the integrity of your roof and if necessary make repairs before more rain, and sub zero temperatures, arrive.  
Out of sight should not be out of mind
Though the roof and the home as a whole may seem to have survived the extreme weather, this may not actually be the case. Minor damage that can eventually become more severe, costly, and dangerous generally occurs in areas of the roof that are out of sight and can only be found by careful inspection.
If you are unable to carry out a comprehensive examination of your Leeds roof then call us today and we’ll be able to send an experienced team of Leeds roofers who can examine the roof in detail and report back on any damage with photographic evidence.
Weather or not
Homeowners should routinely carryout roof inspections, regardless of how extreme the weather has been. Twice-annual roof inspections enable property owners to find the smallest of damages and repair them with ease and at little expense. The alternative is waiting until it’s too late which may also mean having to consider a complete roof repair or replacement.
With snow and ice already on the horizon in Leeds for December we recommend that you get your roof checked by DPR Roofing as soon as possible and avoid a potential Christmas catastrophe. 
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