After years and years of being battered by the elements, none more so than this year’s bizarre weather, one roof in Leeds was beginning to show general signs of wear and tear. So, the homeowner decided it was time for a new roof – he contacted Leeds roofers DPR and we were able to install a new roof on the property just in time for Christmas.

Over the years the roof tiles had become cracked and dislodged, not to mention covered in moss and discoloured. The joints between the roof and the guttering had worn and become loose which meant the roof wasn’t functioning properly and allowing water to run off the building, instead rain water was pooling and leaving a heavy build up of debris.

The owner of the property in Alwoodley opted for a DPR Superior Fibreglass Roof installation which would come with the benefit of a 20 year guarantee.

DPR’s expert Leeds roofers began by stripping all of the existing felt and timber decking boards as DPR’s fibreglass roofs require new specialist decking boards to be fitted for the system to work and be fully guaranteed.

Next, the team de-nailed the roof timbers and fitted the new tongued and grooved Sterling roof decking boards, which was followed by the fitting of the bespoke fibreglass trims to the roof perimeter.

Then, a laminate resin coat was applied in conjunction with high quality fibre glass matting to bind-in with the trims.

Finally, a specially formulated coloured topcoat was applied to the entire roof and trims to form a seamless watertight seal.

With the new roof installed the roofers completely cleaned down the entire area by removing all resultant debris and disposing of all the old materials.

Though new fibreglass flat roofs carry a twenty year guarantee the roof will actually have a life expectancy of around fifty years from installation.

Professional Leeds roofers DPR offer a number of new roof installations to suit any home and budget. We can also carry out general roofing repairs and other building works.

If you have any queries in relation to new roofs, slate and tiled roofs, flat roofs or general roofing repairs then please call our head office on 0800 458 7751 or email us at [email protected] and a roof surveyor will be able to help you.