DPR was recently contacted by the Scarborough branch of travel agent Thomson after staff had noticed a leak in their storage room roof.

Initially, our roofing team was instructed to carry out a full survey and report back the findings to their store manager, before we were then asked to complete the roof repair work.

Managing Director Darren Rickett undertook the survey from above and he found that the flat roof was in a very poor state of repair. There was a large amount of vegetation / silt build up and there were many splits/cracks in the roof. Darren also noticed that there was asbestos content cladding sheets directed down the flat roof which hides some of the flat roof edge detail.

As a result, and after consultation with some more of our professional roofing team, a solution was drawn up and then agreed with the client. The content of the roof repair work needed to solve the roof leak is listed below.

• Using access through the shop (No other access available) we thoroughly cleaned down and removed all debris.
• Then, we applied our unique DPR polymer resin and matting system to the full roof area including seal and then asbestos sheet edges can be bonded to the roof. This is not the ideal method but is one of the only options without stripping the asbestos off.
• Our team also carried out a thorough check of any outlets, unblocking any of the blockages.

There was a small issue as there was a possibility that some of the leaks are from behind the asbestos panels. If this was the case then an asbestos removal and licensed contractor would have to have been instructed prior to any works behind. This however was not the case and all work could be carried out to the above specification.

This job had to be completed to strict timescales as to not impact the shop during their working hours. DPR is used to working within these constraints.

DPR are leading commercial roofing specialists working in Leeds and slightly further afield. This is one of many commercial roofing repair jobs we have completed recently, including work at SITA in Huddersfield.

If you have problem with your commercial roof and require a repair or new roof, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0113 3470918.