Most homes have them and most homeowners know what they do, but there are still some stats and facts about roof tiles which people do not know.

As a leading roofing company based in Leeds, we deal with commercial and domestic roofs that feature tiles and often get asked some of the question listed below. Our roofers are experienced local roofers with qualifications in a number of areas, so the answers we give you can trust.

What should I do if I notice a crack in a tile?

Noticing cracked or broken tiles is quite common and most homeowners will have a problem with a few tiles every few years. This can also be increased on lower level roofs if you have services like window cleaners. When you notice a cracked tile, it is recommended that you have it replaced/fixed as quickly as is convenient. You need to take care as to not damage the adjacent tiles when you are replacing them and that whoever is carrying out the work, whether that is yourself, or a professional roofing company, takes the right precautions, such as spreading weight to avoid further damage.

Can I water jet my roof?

More and more people in Leeds have been asking us this question as the appearance of homes continues to become a more popular idea. Water jetting your roof however should not be undertaken as it can damage the surface of the tile. This will reduce its life expectancy and depending on the pressure of the jet, could also move the tiles which could cause further problems.

Why has my roof change colour?

Tiles, like bricks and other construction materials, do change colour over time through natural weathering. This means that your wonderful bright tiles will turn a darker shade through a number of different ways including growth of algae and moss, dust accumulation and the effects of sun exposure.

These are three of the most common questions we get asked about roof tiles. Should you have a problem with yours or require a roof repair, please do not hesitate to contact our team today!