From providing professional roofing services to Wakefield for over 20 years, DPR know the benefits of a flat roof.

For one they’re considered low maintenance. As flat roofs have no slopes, they are much easier to clean and maintain in comparison to pitched roofs. Also, although any inspections must be undertaken with care and caution, they’re fairly straightforward to inspect.

Like any type of roofing, however, flat roofs have their common problems and faults. We’d like to remind you that this is completely normal, and that good quality flat roofs can be just as effective as any of their counterparts. Like almost everything, all roofs have a lifespan, and are subjected to some serious weather conditions throughout the year.

Below, DPR have used their extensive industry experience and knowledge to list some common flat roof problems:


Believe it or not, flat roofs aren’t actually flat – they have a slight gradient that allows rain water to run off. Unfortunately, sometimes this can either stay on the roof, or even worse leak through into your home. These leaks can be as a result of a few things, but most commonly they’re because of poor workmanship, insufficient drainage outlets or weathering.

Blocked outlets

Particularly if there is only one drainage outlet, it’s fairly easy for flat roofs to suffer from blockages. In autumn, for example, we often find a build-up of leaves blocking off access to outlets. Something as simple as a miskicked football can cause a similar issue too. If the blockage is left untended to then pooling could occur, thus spiralling into further problems such as leaks.

As we mentioned earlier, bad workmanship and roofing problems go hand in hand. To ensure that you and your family are living safely under a secure roof, it’s important to only employ well-respected and knowledgeable contractors.

This is where we come in. DPR have gained an enviable reputation in Wakefield for providing fantastic domestic and commercial roofing services. We are always striving to maintain our first rate customer service standards, and continue to complete our work in a time efficient and cost effective manner.

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