DPR offer some of the leading roofing repair and roofing services in Yorkshire. In our 27 years of operation we have worked with some very prestigious clients on some very large scale jobs.

But, aside from the occasional large scale roof build or repair, a large portion of our time at DPR is spent doing service and maintenance work. The majority of this work is done on a retained service, in which a fee is paid in regular intervals and DPR will provide regular servicing and maintenance.

One client for which we provide this service is Wesco Aircraft.

Wesco provide distribution and supply chain management to a number of industries, from aerospace to military and pharmaceutical. Their scope of operation is huge: they had $1.5billion worth of sales in 2015.

They came to DPR as they needed some service and maintenance work carrying out on their warehouse in Huddersfield. Often overlooked, the roof is an integral part of a building’s structure. They are the first line of defence against the elements and because of this are subject to a huge amount of strain.

This is why, here at DPR, we recommend that your roof is inspected and maintained regularly. By doing so you can be assured that it will always be fully functional. Also, it allows us to spot small issues, before they become larger ones.

This inspection includes the guttering. The path that water takes has to be very specific as over time water can be both damaging and corrosive. Therefore, if there is an issue with your guttering, such as a blockage, which prevents water from flowing where it should then it will ultimately go on to cause damage elsewhere.

This is why Wesco use DPR on a retained basis in which we carry out regular maintenance and service work on their roof, in order for them to avoid any catastrophic issues.

If you would like to learn more about DPR’s roofing services, then just call us on 0113 335 0043.