When a roof leaks it can go on to cause untold damage in your home. Depending on the nature of the leak, the damage can be slow and insidious, or it can be sudden and catastrophic. Either way, it is liable to cause a huge amount of damage.

Obviously, the first step is to find a roofing contractor to repair any damage that has been caused, and to obviously repair the roof. However, a poor roofer can go on to create more issues in the future. Therefore it is imperative that you find a good roofer to carry out any work that needs doing. But what exactly constitutes as a good roofer? DPR offer some advice.

1.       Experience. Experience is king in roofing. With experience a good roofer will be able to find the cause of the problem quicker, and will know exactly how to go about remedying it. This will essentially save valuable time, minimising damage while saving you money and ensuring that your roof is fixed to the highest standard.

2.       Free estimates. By offering free estimates roofing companies allow you to compare the services of each. Doing so shows a confidence in their work. However the cheapest is not always the best: if they are offering work at a shockingly low price then there is a good chance they are cutting corners somewhere.

3.       Warranties. Any good roofer will offer a comprehensive warranty on their work. To do so means that they are working to the highest of standards. Be wary of those who do not offer a warranty.

4.       Accreditations. Professional accreditations are hard to achieve, so to do so demonstrates that the roofer is capable of working to an extremely high standard. It also shows that they are interested in developing and learning, and still invest back into their business.

5.       Recommendations and testimonials. Recommendations show that customers were extremely happy with the work that was carried out, and have since gone out of their way to thank and mention the roofing contractor. It is a rare thing for customers to do, so recommendations and testimonials carry a lot of weight behind them.

If a roofer ticks all of the above boxes then you should feel confident in using them to carry out work on your commercial of domestic property. To find out more about the services that DPR roofing provides simply call us on 0113 335 0043.