The function of a roof, before all things, is to provide protection from the elements for those under it. Roof design evolved over a long period of time to become what it is today, but a key part of what makes a roof good, and functional, is its ability to catch and control falling water (rain) as soon as possible.

This controlled water then needs to be carried away from the roof/building as soon as possible, in order to prevent any damage occurring. This is usually done by a series of channels, and gutters.

The importance of keeping these gutters clear cannot be overstated.

If water is not controlled and guided to the sewers with clean efficiency then it will inevitably go where it should not. Water can actually be very damaging and corrosive, so when it escapes gutters it can cause quite a lot of damage.

This damage can be slow and insidious, such as damp permeating through the walls of your building. Or it can be more sudden and catastrophic, such as a roof collapse. Both of these scenarios are realistic if the water is not controlled properly.

This is why keeping your gutters clear is of the upmost importance, especially around this time of year.

In winter there is a lot of residue left over from the leaves that fell in autumn, as well as the high amount of precipitation that winter brings. These two combined are the perfect recipe for creating blocked and clogged gutters on your property.

DPR have been clearing gutters since we began. We have years of experience working on both commercial and domestic properties all over Yorkshire. It is no exaggeration to say that there is no job too big for us to handle. In the past we have worked with numerous prestigious clients such as Amazon and Unity Housing.

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