The methods used to repair and fix pitched roofs is changing as new roofing standards are rolling out this month.

The major improvement in the standards should improve both the security of the home and the weather resistance capabilities of the roof. This should help to also ensure greater longevity and better value for money on all roof repairs.

The code of practice for slating and tiling, BS5534, has been amended as the whole industry looks to make roofs more secure to cope with the extreme weather which the UK is now facing in the winter months,. Although not currently mandatory as there is a six month grace period, by the end of February 2015, every tiled and slated roof must conform to these standards.

So what has changed?

Well there are major differences in these new rules. These are:
• Every tile fitted to the roof will have to be mechanically fixed with a degree of clipping required. Mortar alone is no longer allowed or adequate for roof tiling work.
• Lightweight underlays must be secured thoroughly to prevent from ‘ballooning’ which is caused by wind deflection. In the most severe of cases, this can dislodging the whole roof if the load placed under the roof covering is high enough.

According to the legislators, this is to be the most significant changes to the way roofs are fixed for many years and it is a vital step taken by the governing body to ensure high quality workmanship and better quality roofing.

The changes are most likely to have a larger impact on the installation time and costs with more time needed to ensure all tiles are clipped correctly. Although the minimum requirement by the BS5534 is that every tile must be nailed, there is also a major requirement to clip a degree of tiles on all roofs. This is because they need to be installed to the British Standard, which is dependent on exposure and location of the roof.

DPR has always been committed to working to the highest of standards and this announcement of the new rules will see our roofers across Yorkshire continue to provide a high quality tiled roof repair and new roof service. We have already started implementing these new changes into our work, so if you are looking for a roofing contractor in Leeds who is working to the highest of standards, please contact us on 0113 335 0043.