Water is life giving, but it can also be dangerous if it enters your home; potentially causing untold damage to electrical wiring, as well as your possessions. In addition, water breeds mould, and will create and intensify issues relating to the structural integrity of a building, costing you an awful lot of time and money to fix.

The cause of leaks is commonly blocked guttering, which can get logged by things leaves, twigs, and other debris. Yet this can be avoided by undertaking a few simple tests on your guttering. Here’s how to test your gutters:


Clean your guttering twice a year, ideally once in autumn, and once in spring. When the guttering is free from debris you can carry out the necessary to find any issues and carry out the necessary repairs.

Step 1: Find a position to start from by looking for a spot around the property from which you can access the guttering easily, and set up a ladder.
Step 2: Set up and turn on a garden hose, before taking it to your chosen position. Place the hose inside the gutter so that water runs into it. To make sure it stays in position, either find a way to fix it in place, or ask a helper to hold it in place for you.
Step 3: Walk around the perimeter of your house, looking for water draining down through the guttering in places that it shouldn’t be doing so. Move the hose into different positions at set intervals to test all guttering for leaks. Use a torch in dark areas, and be thorough.
Step 4: Make a note of any problem areas

If you have leaks

Most leaks can be patched pretty easily, although if left the area will get worse so undertake repairs as soon as possible. If the problem area is beyond repair, the piece of guttering will need to be replaced.

You can patch small leaks with roofing cement, or use a metal patch repair kit. For aluminium gutters, you can use aluminium flashing. When hole-patching isn’t effective, damaged gutter sections can be replaced with a new piece. You can purchase gutter repair kits from DIY stores.

Alternatively, our Barnsley roofers offer a bi-annual maintenance service. For more information call DPR Barnsley on 01226 920061.