Wakefield College Estates use DPR as their preferred and trusted roofing services provider. So when they developed an issue with a part of their roof at Castleford Building College they called us immediately.

As is standard, the first step is for one of the survey team from DPR to visit the site. As soon as we arrived on site we saw what the issue was. The college has a dedicated area where students can practice bricklaying. This is an outside area with a basic roof over it to protect them from the elements.

However, while it was built with extremely sturdy steel uprights, the roof itself was a basic, domestic strength, polycarbonate affair, which was not up to much abuse. Which is why it had become dislodged during a bout of turbulent weather.

So we went to work and designed a new, industrial strength, roofing system for them. Our roof was made of Plastisol coated steel sheets with fibreglass sheets on every other row to provide ample lighting to work beneath.

Work was completed in record time, and now the roof is on par with the steel supports, and WCE were delighted with the results. Not only will it last much longer and provide a better working environment thanks to the extra light, but more importantly it is now safe for the students to be under.

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