The importance of regularly cleaning your guttering should not be underestimated. Taking time to maintain them means a decrease in the likelihood of problems occurring. On the other hand, overlooking your gutters could result in the following issues:


1. Increased chance of pests


Standing water can attract pests such as flies which not only looks unpleasant but can mean bites too. To stop this happening, make sure you clear gutters frequently, removing things such as leaves which may have accumulated and stopped the water being able to flow away.


2. Roof rot


If your gutters are blocked then it is possible that excess water will run down the side of them. This free flowing water can result in parts of the house, such as the roof, rotting meaning that repair work will be needed which can be very costly.


3. Structural damage


When your guttering is damaged or blocked water that should be directed away from the house often drains closer to it than it should, saturating the ground close to it. If left undealt with the drainage of water close to the building itself can lead to problems such as mould and rot which will need to be dealt with. It is therefore a good idea to work out a simple maintenance schedule whereby once a month or so guttering and drains are checked for debris and items that have accumulated can be removed.


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