DPR recently took a call from a concerned resident of Pontefract as they had noticed a slate on their roof was missing and their gutter didn’t seem to be working as it should.

We inspected the site as soon as we could after the phone call and confirmed the client’s suspicions. We could see a couple of clear points where there was a missing tile and a large section of the gutter was blocked with debris, which would stop water being removed properly.

Therefore we arranged a time for our engineers to return and carry out the necessary work.

Not long after our team arrived and erected some basic scaffolding so they could safely access the broken tiles. We removed any lingering slates pieces and made sure the underlying structure was sound before filling the gaps with new slates.

We then turned our attention to the gutters and cleared all the debris out of them. A relatively simple job we checked it after to make sure everything was functioning as it should before cleaning up and leaving the site.

This is the perfect example of tackling an issue before it gets too big. If the broken tiles had been left any longer than it is very conceivable that the roof would have eventually developed a greater issue, such as a leak. And a similar train of thought could be applied to the gutter. When uncontrolled, water can be very damaging. Blocked gutters prevent the water running where it should.

Thankfully, this was not the case this time, and the client’s roof should operate perfectly for the foreseeable future.

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