DPR Roofing was recently called to supply new leadwork on the historic train station in Skipton, after thieves took the existing lead.

This is not an uncommon occurrence, and even though scrap metal dealing has had its regulations improved there is still an amount of dodgy dealing going on.

In normal situations we would speak with the client and possibly advise them away from using lead on their roof, this is because modern alternatives can provide an equal watertight seal. Also, modern alternatives would be less susceptible to theft (worthless in scrap value). However, it was not possible in this circumstance as Skipton Train Station is an historic building and is listed. Therefore, any work carried out has to be as close to the original as possible.

Skipton station originally opened in 1847, but relocated half a mile down the road in 1876. It is this station that we worked on. It is renowned for its roofing and awning, which are still something to look at to this day. And is the exact reason why we were called as a true professional was needed who could do lead welding and dressing.

It is something to be asked to carry out work on a listed building, with such history as this. It shows that great faith is placed in us as a roofing company, so when we carry out the work we will take extra care to make sure we do this historic building justice.

One slightly sad aspect is that, unfortunately, as we have to restore the lead work exactly as it was there is a high chance it will be stolen again. We will of course replace it as many times as it needs to be replaced, but how long before the thieves inflict damage that can’t be repaired is a question yet to be answered.

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