Here at DPR Leeds we don’t usually see many stories involving roofs hitting the mainstream media. However, when the occasion does roll around, we certainly pay attention. This time it’s a bit of a strange one and we just couldn’t resist writing up a story on it as it’s too good to pass up.

As reported by the Metro, a labourer in the city of Cambridge has had to be rescued after climbing the 75ft glass roof of a shopping centre. He accomplished the feat after going out to celebrate being offered a new job, and it is reported that he had drank six pints before climbing the roof.

When he was first discovered by police, he denied the allegation that he had caused a nuisance. However, he later said: “Yeah, I was found on the roof so I suppose I did.”

He also said that he thought arresting him climbing the roof was an overreaction. However, due to the glass roof belonging to a shopping centre – the Grand Arcade in Cambridge – eleven shops had to be evacuated and the cordoned off in order to get the man down from it.

His solicitor also made a statement, in which he said: “He is very embarrassed and ashamed of his behaviour and in no way does he seek to diminish or minimize the impact of his actions on the public and the emergency services.

He had gone out on Saturday to celebrate a new job, clearly he drank too much and has no recollection how he ended up on that roof.”

Here at DPR Leeds, we are impressed with this man’s ability to climb 75ft up to a glass roof, especially under the influence of alcohol, but we certainly do not endorse such irresponsibility – even if celebrations are in order.

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