DPR Roofing recently carried out some work at the city centre campus of Wakefield College. It’s a shame to say but we were repairing leaks on the recently built new college buildings due to past contractor failings in design. This is part of an ongoing contract in which we provide maintenance to all their sites, which includes all the Wakefield College Estates properties across the region.

As well as regular upkeep and maintenance we also provide call outs whenever they are required. This covers things like weather damage, leaks, loose slates and tiles etc.

As this is a very busy college we often have to work around the students. This means we perform most of our maintenance work outside of term time, in the holidays and at weekends. This allows us full and complete access to the building and the roof, without disrupting the activities within the college and also keeping health and safety high in importance.

The work we are currently carrying out involved us cleaning out the guttering of five of Wakefield College’s sites, by the end of July. We completed with 5 days to go and returned to our base with no less than 10 tonnes of gutter debris. We also had to carry out some leak repairs, as during our work we were told of some new leaks. But these were easy to repair and we caught them before they had chance to do any real damage.

We also cleared out over 2 tonnes of gutter silt and debris from the guttering of the Thornes Campus. Which is a huge amount, but not as much as some other jobs we have carried out for Wakefield College: in the past we cleared out over 3 tonnes from the roof of the Catering Building.

We are proud to be continuing our work with Wakefield College Estates. They are a fantastic institution and we are delighted to be able to help the work they do carry on, in our own small way.
If you require any roofing repair or maintenance services simply give us a call on 0113 335 0043.