At DPR we know the benefits of a slate roof, we recently spoke about them. However, as with most roofs they do need the occasional bit of upkeep, as the Barclays Bank Headquarters in Leeds recently found out.

Barclays noticed some slates had come loose. This is bad for several reasons: loose slates will lead to a leak. In a building like the Barclays headquarters there is a huge amount of electrical equipment. A leak here could pose a serious fire risk. Not to mention an uncountable loss of money if something were to happen that halts operations.

Also, there is a very real health and safety risk. If one of the loose slates were to be blown, or fall, off and hit a pedestrian, or member of staff then it could do some very real bodily damage.

Therefore Barclays did the right thing by acting quickly and calling DPR. DPR has years of experience working with slate roofs, and knowing the potential risks we labelled it a high priority job and attended as quickly as possible by initially putting a scaffold up to catch any further loose slates.

When we arrived we implemented a number of safety measures to prevent the worst from happening as a fast roof response team reached the dangerous area and carried out the vital repairs.

We are pleased to say that the repair was a success, and any unfortunate incidents were avoided.
DPR were established in 1989 and have since gone onto create a reputation that leads the worlds’ biggest organisations to contact us when they are in need of roofing repairs. If you need any emergency roofing services in the Leeds, or Yorkshire, area, then just give us a call on 0113 335 0043.