At DPR Leeds Roofs we’re continuing to repair roofs throughout West Yorkshire as the rain, that has battered the region from April to June, continues to find its way into homes and businesses.

Following a requested property inspection survey at a small shop in Harewood, Leeds, for a suspected leaking roof, we found that the under-felt was badly damaged on the front elevation pediment and was failing to keep the rainwater out.

In a bid to repair the roof we set about replacing and repairing the damaged felt by stripping out all of the tiles around the pediment on both sides to expose the flashings and soakers.

We then made the corrective repairs to the damaged felt as required as well as fitting new, quality Code 4 lead soakers. We also replaced the flashings with new Code 4 lead, pointed off with a leadmate waterproof compound.

Finally we removed and replaced any damaged roof tiles in the vicinity of the pediment and re-fixed any dislodged tiles.

The end result was that the property was dry once again and protected from the forecasted showers.