DPR Roofing in Leeds was back on leak duty last month as heavy rain continues to effect homes and businesses throughout Yorkshire.

After employees discovered a leak to the rear of their shop we were called to inspect the problem at the Tesco Express store on Low Street in Leeds.

The leak was located close to a fire exit and was being caused due to the poor condition of the sealant around the door casings. With heavy rain, water was being pulled through by capillary action to the interior.

To rectify the problem we removed the remainder of all the old sealant around the fire exit door and resealed it using a quality exterior waterproofing, and flexible, silicone.

In addition to this we overhauled the roofing membranes in the eaves area and fitted a new PVC eaves guard.

The staff informed us of another leak near the main entrance to the store. Upon inspection we found it to be more of a flooding problem, rather than a leak.

The outside drain was blocked underground and water in the drain was already backing up the fall pipe to the gutter, which in turn was causing overflow on the internal cavity to the front door area.

As there was no evidence of damage to the roof tiles or gutter we recommended the drain be cleared as soon as possible using a specialist drainage company to jet the underground drainage system.