Leeds roofers, DPR,  were contacted by principal contractor M3, to carry out roof repairs at one of their biggest client’s sites. Their client, Leeds-based supermarket giant – ASDA, needed to make some repairs to the roof of one of their stores in Wakefield.

A survey was performed on the roof which discovered that a total of 678 slate roof tiles were dislodged, broken, or missing completely.

With the extent and timescales of the repair agreed, DPR had to schedule the work around the store’s 24-hour opening times, which meant the work would need to be carried out on Sunday morning between 6am and10am – the only time in the week when the store was closed.

However, as it would be impossible to replace 678 roof tiles in just a four hour window, the work was carried out over a period of three consecutive Sundays.

On each occasion DPR used its own cherry picker and access platform vehicles to gain access to the roof as they supplied and fitted all 678 Eternit slate roof tiles.

Each week, any resultant rubble was removed and disposed of accordingly.

M3 and ASDA, whose head office is located on the outskirts of Leeds city centre, were impressed by the speed, efficiency and standard of the work carried out at the Wakefield store and have awarded DPR’s Leeds roofers with a repair contract at the ASDA store in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

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