DPR’s Wakefield roofers were recently contacted by renowned Yorkshire principal contractor M3, to carry out roof repairs at one of their biggest client’s sites. Their client, supermarket giant – ASDA, needed to make some repairs to the roof of their 24-hour store in Durkar, Wakefield.

The chosen roofers to work on the project were required to participate in the store’ Health & Safety induction as part of the company’s Health and Safety Policy prior to any inspection or work being carried out.

Once the internal training was complete, a survey was performed on the roof which discovered that a total of 678 slate roof tiles were dislodged, broken, or missing completely – probably as a result of the heavy rain and wind this winter.

Once the repairs to be carried out were agreed, DPR had to schedule the work around the store’s 24-hour opening times. The only time in the week when the store was closed was on Sunday mornings, 6am-10am. And this is when the roofers would have to make the repairs to the Wakefield store’s roof.

However, with just a four hour window before the store would be open to the public once again it would be not be possible to replace 678 roof tiles, so the work was carried out over a period of three consecutive Sundays during these hours.

DPR used its own cherry picker and access platform vehicles to gain access to the roof as they supplied and fitted all 678 Eternit slate roof tiles. The team also cleaned out the entire guttering network of the accumulated rubble and debris resulting from the repair works. The rubble was then disposed of accordingly and the entire site cleaned down on each occasion.

The successful completion of the repairs has led to other work for the Wakefield roofers at one of the supermarket chain’s other stores.