DPR Roofing were contacted by a homeowner in Harehills, Leeds recently when they were targeted by criminals. The front elevation flat roof was badly damaged during the criminals attempt to steal lead from the roof, which left it open to the elements and left the interior of the property susceptible to damage from water leaking inside.

After completing a thorough roof inspection, the resulting project involved stripping all of the remaining remnants of lead coverings and flashings from the roof. At which point any roof decking sheets that were found to be required, after stripping of the lead, were replaced. Then felting in high performance/fibre glass based polyester base felts and polyester green mineral edgings, including upstands, was applied. This was followed by a solar reflective compound to the completed base felts. This is essential in keeping the heat from causing damage to the new roof surface. The new roof was then tested for water tightness before DPR’s roofers removed all resultant rubble from the site.

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