After discovering a leak at their commercial premises in Holbeck, Leeds, the owners of the property contacted DPR Roofing Leeds who attended to complete a thorough property inspection.

On inspecting the roof, DPR’s roofer discovered that the leak was being caused by a build-up of debris in the gulley of the rear elevation. In order to rectify the roof leak DPR cleaned out the gulley in its entirety of the build-up of moss and soil deposits. They then dried out and sealed all of the joints with a specialist fibreglass matting and resin and finally lined the full length of the gulley in a fibreglass waterproof compound.

Moss growth on roofs can cause damage to the roof covering. It can block gutters and build up behind chimneys and gullies. Regular roof maintenance can prevent moss building up and prevent future roof repair work and damage caused by roof leaks.

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