A house in Kippax, Leeds which had succumbed to internal water damage recently used DPR Leeds Roofing services to repair the roof and brickwork where the water was penetrating the property.

The work was required at the rear utility area where DPR’s Leeds roofers first began stripping back the old and defective guttering and flashband material before disposing of it accordingly.

After this they began fitting new, treated and painted timber fascia boards along with new black PVC guttering and a new outlet to suit.

Next the experienced roofing team fitted new PVC eaves guard to prevent the current problem of water travelling down the rear of the gutter and into the property.

Finally, they replaced all dangerous and defective wet-rot affected timber lintel with new pre-cast concrete re-enforced lintel which was packed tight with blue slate and then rebuilt all brickwork and corbel.

Leaking roofs can cause internal damage to your décor and electrics and can generally lave the property feeling cold and damp with an unpleasant lingering smell. It is important that any leaks are found and repaired as soon as possible to avoid lasting internal damage to your property.

If you believe your roof may have a leak then call DPR Roofing Leeds on 0113 335 0043.