When some of DPR’s roofers in Leeds found out that TV star, and former Boddingtons ad girl, Melanie Sykes had started dating a roofer who asked her out on Twitter – it was hard to stop them getting carried away.

In a bid to stop them signing up to the social media site and asking out every female Yorkshire celebrity who was single, we sent them out on as many roofing jobs in Leeds as we could.

The plan worked. We didn’t loose any of our valued roofing team and it’s safe to say we don’t expect to see them in ‘Hello’ magazine anytime soon.

Sykes, 42, met Dorset roofer Jack Cockings, 26, in May after the pair exchanged flirty public Tweets with one another – the couple are now engaged.

Melanie said she knew it was the “real thing” as early as June, saying: “I’m extremely happy, and vice versa. He’ll come to see me and still have roofing bitumen on his hands.

“I don’t care. I’m not interested in fame. Although I’ve been out with famous men, I also dated a guy who sold motorised scooters.

“So it’s nice that Jack’s a working man. It feels like the real thing, for sure.”

We just hope she takes his surname.

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