DPR’s roofers in Leeds revealed their must-have tools when working on the roofs of businesses and homes throughout West Yorkshire.

The conversations revealed that although different projects require specific roofing tools, the majority of our roofers unanimously agreed that these are the ones that go to every job and up every roof – no matter the project.

5. Hand Brush

A good clean up at various intervals is an important part of every job. While a dustpan is also good to have handy, a hand brush on its own is just right for the little stuff.

4. Hand Saw

Fixing and removing rotted wood is a pretty common task for roofers, and while most agreed they’d prefer to use a circular or reciprocating saw for most jobs, they still carried their hand saw everywhere with them.

The reason being, a small, unexpected cutting job can be handled in less time than it takes to run an extension cord from a power supply to a third storey roof – not to mention the amount of times when electrical power should be available, but isn’t.

3. Tape Measure

Attached to every roofer’s utility belt you’ll find a tape measure of some description. Each roofer has their favorite brand, but most offer a 25-foot measuring capability, sometimes more.

2. Trowel

Usually not too far from an accompanying bucket will be a roofer’s trowel. Just about any small trowel will do for spreading cement, but a flat nose trowel is especially good for cleaning out the bottom of buckets.

1. Hammer

Simply put, a roofer is nothing without his hammer. “If I’m on a roof without my hammer I feel naked” said one employee. 

That alone proves just what an essential tool a hammer is for nearly every roofing job. Though essentially designed for removing and replacing nails, in the eyes of some roofers it is a multi-purpose tool akin to a Stanley knife.

Having the right roofing tools and equipment for every possible eventuality makes even the toughest jobs that little bit easier, and over the years DPR’s experienced roofers have seen every kind of job and worked on every kind of roof from bungalows to flats and steeples to cottages.