DPR’s Leeds roofers were called out to inspect a flat in Leeds that was suffering from damp ingression in several places.

The top floor flat of the two storey building was taking in water through the wall and ceiling join in one of the rooms which was also causing water to pool on the external balcony.

The fixes were relatively straight forward and so, with the works agreed, the Leeds roofers set about repairing the property in order to make it watertight again.

To address the water ingress, the roofers had to lift the coping stones on the roof and reset them to new mortar bedding on both balcony dividing walls. The team then applied a specialist brilliant-white waterproof coating to this area.

On the over-hanging balcony roof the Leeds roofers also applied a specialist light grey waterproof coating of glass fibre compound and anti-slip finish.

Bungalows, flats, houses, factories or office buildings – whatever type of property you own, if you require roofing repairs in Leeds then DPR Roofing can help.