A homeowner in Leeds recently contacted DPR Roofing to conduct a survey after a build-up of moss had appeared on a section of the property’s roof.

As you can tell from our survey images this particular section of the roof was in a dilapidated state and needed replacing.

We recommended a superior fibreglass roof that would come with a 20 year guarantee to which the owner agreed would be the best possible long-term solution.

With the works agreed, DPR’s Leeds roofers began stripping in full, all of the existing felt finish and timber decking boards. They then de-nailed the roof timbers and fitted new tongued and grooved sterling roof decking boards to all required areas.

Then the team began fitting bespoke pre-made fibreglass trims to the roof perimeter and applying a new resin coat and fibreglass matting to all junctions.

Clean down the roof decking of all dust and apply laminate resin coat in conjunction with high quality fibre glass matting and to extend to bind in with the pre-fitted trims.

With the new roof installed the roofers began preparation of all joints with glasspaper in readiness for a final clean off of all dust.

Finally a specially formulated coloured topcoat was applied to all the roof area and trims to make a seamless watertight seal.

All of our new fibreglass flat roofs in Leeds carry a twenty year guarantee and come with an average life expectancy of fifty years from fitment.