An adjoining flat roof garage on a house in Adel, a suburb of North Leeds, West Yorkshire now has a new built-up felt roof thanks to DPR’s Leeds roofers.

The flat garage roof was retaining rain water, so before applying the new felt, we striped all the existing felt covering without damaging the timber decking beneath and disposed of it in the proper manner.

We then applied a solar reflective compound to the completed base felts which prevents any damage during the next step – laying the new felt using a Rubberoid type torch on system.

Finally, we cleared all resultant rubble into our waste skip and headed on to our next roof repair in Leeds.

DPR’s new felted flat roofs carry a five year guarantee from the date of invoice date and have a life expectancy of fifteen years from fitment.

For more information about our felted flat roofs or to arrange a quote inspection contact our Leeds office on 0113 335 0043.