DPR Roofing in Leeds set about repairing the roof of a home in Morley which had been damaged by wind and rain and then followed up with a botched repair job.

Some tiles were cracked or missing and had been ‘bodged’ with mortar instead of being replaced.

There was even worse damage to the ridge of the roof where the ridge tile had completely blown off; exposing timbers and membrane beneath. In other areas the mortar was cracked and nearly falling out which would have led to more damage.

DPR set about repairing the roof in Leeds by removing the remnants of ridge bedding from where ridge tile had blown off and then fitted a new ridge tile to new mortar bedding.

Secondly, all the damaged roof tiles were removed and replaced with brand new tiles that matched the existing tiles.

Then we stripped down the defective valleys due to loose or incorrectly positioned mortar bedding and corrected the badly formed ridge junction to the valley top.

Finally, we cleaned down all surfaces and removed all debris from the roof and surrounding area and left the property looking immaculate once again.

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