Now winter is looming it is the perfect time to check on the condition of your roof. We typically experience a spike in the amount of calls we receive in the winter months, so it makes sense to get any small issues repaired now, while there is still time.

Also, if your roof leaks during winter it can be a huge pain for multiple reasons, not least of which is the weather pouring in.

Therefore, we recommend a proper and thorough check of your roof at least once a year, but ideally at the changing of the seasons. Below is a list of things our engineers do when carrying out roof inspections.

The first kind of inspection is a visual one. Walk around your property and look for missing tiles, or fragments of tiles on the floor. Also roofs should be relatively uniform, so look for anything generally out of place.

Keep an eye out for wear and tear on your roof such as cracked mortar or loose flashings. If you notice any of these, or missing tiles then it is worth contacting a professional roofing contractor such as DPR, rather than ‘try and tackle it yourself’ as this is fraught with much danger.

As well as external checks it is worth checking internally too. On the top floors of your home check the walls and ceiling for dark patches, which can be indicative of damp. If you can, it is also worth checking your loft for damp and rotting beams. Damp coming down into your home is the usual indicator that there is a breach in your roof, and moisture is making it down through the structure.


If you do notice anything then get in contact as soon as possible. DPR have over 27 years’ experience repairing both commercial and domestic roofs in and around Yorkshire. If you would like to find out more just give us a call on 0113 335 0043.