At DPR we always advocate that any serious roofing work be carried out by a professional, this includes jobs like replacing a tile. This is mainly because of the health and safety elements involved. There is always a risk when working at heights, which our experienced roofers have been fully trained in.

However, we understand that some people would like to have a go, regardless of the risks. So we thought we would put together a small guide on how to replace a roofing tile, as safely as possible.

1.       The first step is to find the correct tile to use, as using the wrong one can actually go on to create more issues in the future. If you are unsure the simply take the tile you are replacing to a roofing merchant who should be able to match it up.

2.       The next step is accessing the roof. We would like to repeat that if you cannot access the roof, or the section where the tile is missing, then do not attempt to carry out the repair and call a professional.

3.       If you do manage to make it to the damaged part of your roof then lift up the tiles which are resting on the damaged one, and prop them up with slats of timber. Then, using a brick trowel or something similar, flick the broken tile up and pull it out.

4.       Put the new tile in place of the old one then slowly and carefully remove the timber slats which are propping up the surrounding tiles. If the weather in your area is particularly turbulent you may need to nail or wire it into place. If not just make sure it is sat correctly.

5.       If you can see no other tiles that need replacing then safely come back down off the roof.

Following those simple steps you should be able to replace a broken tile. If you are unsure about any step then make sure you call a professional roofer, such as DPR on 0113 335 0043.