Summer is the perfect time for checking your roof, and making sure it is ready for the winter months to come. In winter it is cold, and probably windy and raining. Your roof will be covered in debris and chances are your vision will be obscured. Whereas in summer it will be (slightly) warmer and you will have a clear line of sight for your roof.

At DPR we recommend checking your roof at least twice a year, at the transitioning of the seasons is typically the best time to do this. But what exactly should you be looking for?

We recommend starting from the bottom up. The first step is to walk slowly around your home and look for fragments of tiles and slate on the floor. It’s also worth looking at the drainpipes to see if you can see any water running out.

Then take a step back so you can see the roof itself. Roofs are quite uniform in nature, this makes spotting any issues easy. If there are any missing, cracked or warped tiles then you should be able to tell just from a visual inspection. If you can see anything then call a professional immediately. While you may feel you are capable of fixing it yourself there is always the health and safety aspect to consider.

The next step for inspection is to go inside. Start at the upper floors in your home or building, ideally in the loft if you have access to it. Look for damp patches or wetness on the walls. If you can find some then this signifies that you probably already have issues with your roof.

If you do find issues with your roof then it is imperative that you call a professional like DPR as soon as possible. Roofing issues can grow to be catastrophic. And while you may be tempted to have a go yourself, you simply will not have the knowledge and experience that the engineers at DPR do. To find out more just call us on 0113 335 0043.