We have often talked about the many ways in which a roof leak might occur, but we have spoken less about how to find out if you have one. A leaking roof that is obviously pouring with water is an extremely severe issue, but it is typically a rare occurrence.

Typically a leaking roof will present itself in subtler, more insidious ways. Here, DPR would like to offer up some tips on how to spot a leaking roof as soon as possible, and how to find it. The longer it is left the more damage it will be doing, and the more costly it will be to repair.

One of the more obvious signs of a leaking roof is a large and spreading damp patch that starts high on the ceiling. This is a sign that there is a gap somewhere, and water is soaking down through the walls and ceiling.

Another way of spotting a leaking roof is the onset of mould and rot in your loft. If you suspect you have a leak then carry out a close inspection of the rafters in your loft. If there is surface mould, or the beams are beginning to rot then chances are there will be water coming through from somewhere.

Finding the leak should be a relatively simple task. The thing to keep in mind is that water trickles and runs. This means that chances are the leak will not be directly over the damp/rotted patch in your roof. Instead, find the point where the water is dripping off your ceiling, then trace it back up to the point of origin. There  should be a damp trail which shows where this is. Directly above this ingress we would expect to see a broken/dislodged roofing tile. Or something similar.

If you suspect you have a roofing leak, and are unsure of how to locate, or repair it, then call DPR Roofing on 0113 335 0043 to see how we can help.