Although roofs should keep elements out, even quality seals can wear thin over time. A leaking roof is more than an inconvenience. If left unaddressed, roof leaks can damage your wall and floor coverings, ceiling and belongings. Not to mention that if water gets into the electrical wiring of a house, roof leaks are also a fire hazard.

So, if your roof is leaking, here are five steps to take immediately…

1. Call a professional roofing company

A leaking roof can rapidly lead to all sorts of damages. The longer you wait to solve this problem, the worse it could get. Getting professional help as soon as possible will help you prevent additional issues. So once you’ve noticed that you have a leaking roof, make sure to call a professional roofing company.

Professional roofers will not only repair the damaged area but will also assess other spots on your roof that could later become an issue.

2. Save your belongings

Until you get professional assistance, the first thing to do is move things out of the leak’s way. If the leak is over your furniture, bed, clothes, or other belongings, make sure to clear that area to minimise damage.

Plus, some fabrics and absorbent surfaces can trap water, which can later cause an unpleasant damp or mouldy smell, thus becoming unusable. The more things you can push out of the way, the better.

3. Relieve water pressure

The water from a leaking roof can get trapped inside the ceiling or wall. When that happens, you will notice a bulge forming. With the water “feeding” the bulge, the damage can be even more significant, as the bulge can erupt on its own, or the water can spread.

To relieve the water pressure, place a bucket underneath the bulge, and then use a screwdriver or something similar to poke its lowest point carefully.

4. Contain the water

Clearing the area is not enough to minimise damage, since water will still reach the floor. With that in mind, it’s important to contain it as much as possible. Make use of buckets, bins or other containers to collect the water.

Towels and fabrics can also help capture the water, so use whatever you find helpful in order to prevent the water from reaching the floor and other belongings you can’t move away.

5. Document the damage

Damage may still occur despite the precautions you take. Taking photos for insurance documentation is the next thing to do.

If the damages caused by a leaking roof are eligible for a claim, such photos will come in handy when filing the home insurance claim. Take pictures of all the damages caused by the roof leak, including of the items that couldn’t be moved away.

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