Begin by fitting the guttering with an outlet to allow connection to the downpipe, which will be positioned directly over the drain at ground level. The outlet may be of the stop-end type if placed at the end of a section of guttering, or a running outlet if placed in the middle.

After you have done this, follow these steps:

Fit the brackets

Do this at one end of the section of guttering, close to the head of the fascia board. If you have a stop-end outlet, the bracket should be placed at the opposing end of the guttering. Tether a length of string around the base of the bracket.

Position correctly

a) Do this by holding a plummet against the fascia board, positioned directly above the drain and using a carpenter pencil, mark the position of the guttering against the fascia. Fit the outlet at a maximum of 50mm below the roof tiles, taking care to follow the manufacturer’s instructions with regard to the size and the number of screws that you need.

b) Stretch the string tied around the base of the bracket along the fascia and tie the opposite end to the outlet. Make sure that the string is sloped towards the outlet with a steady fall of approximately 10 millimetres for every 6 metres of guttering. Do this by using a spirit level.

Fit the rest of the brackets

Space the brackets no more than 1 metre apart and 150 millimetres or less from any fitting or joint, and mark their respective positions. For outlets positioned at the middle of the guttering, repeat this process at the other end of this section of guttering, ensuring that it is sloping towards the outlet.

Fix a stop-end outlet to the section of guttering

After you have done this, clip the guttering into position on the brackets by tilting the guttering so that it fits under the back clip, before straightening it under the front clip and lining up the end of the gutter with the pencil mark on the bracket.

Fit a union piece at the end

Do this at the end of the section of guttering that you intend to be joined to another section. Screw the union piece into the fascia and fit the next section of guttering into it. Using a hacksaw, cut the final piece of guttering to fit, making sure that all joints are lined up with the pencil marks that you previously made on the fittings.